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What type of Cree chip is in the headlight ?

What type of Cree chip is in the headlight ?

We have H4 / H7 / H11 / H13 LED headlights. H4 and H13 headlights are Hi/Lo beam lights while H7 and H13 are not dual beam lights. So the type of Cree chip in H4 and H13 is XHP50 and the type of Cree chip in H7 and H11 is XML2.

Using high beam light you can see the distance clearly, it illuminate large area in the distance. Low beam light focus on the near area in the front of the car and gives you much more clear visibility of that area.

Our car headlight makes you driving safety in the darkness and at night. They illuminate the front clearly so you can see the cars or other object before you vehicle.

Which is important between lumens and wattage?

Lumens refers to the amount of light that a light bar can produce. It is the standard unit for measuring light intensity and is the best way to determine how bright an LED is. For example,the lumens of 120w light bar is 7200 lm while 180w light bar is 10800 lm and of cause 180w light is brighter than 120w light. While watts is a measure of how much electric power is needed to run the light. Higher wattage sometimes means higher luminosity, but this is not always the case, as more efficient LEDs are able to produce an equal amount of light while using less power. In this regard, the lumens of a light bar is the more important measurement to pay attention to.

Why some buyers install the rocker switch but the light on the switch stays on all the time?

- If you wire the harness to the car battery directly, the rocker switch will glowing all the time. When you turn on the light then the switch stays on both up and down led light, when you turn off the light the upper led will not stay on but the down led is still on.

  If you don’t want the switch always stay on, you can hook the harness to a source on your fuse panel.